Welcome to Ruby Nelson memorial Hospital


Established in 1965 in memory of the selfless service of Mrs. Ruby Nelson a missionary nurse to India, since inception the hospital has strove to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ amidst the dynamics changes of a secular environment and evolving trends in science & technology. Known for its compassionate and comprehensive healthcare it enjoys the goodwill of the public and attracts people from all walks of life. The Hospital has made great impact on many lives and has grown in a remarkable way through God's leading.

It is a forty-bed Hospital that offers comprehensive Eye care, Medical, Surgical, Dental, Orthopaedics and Diagnostic services. The Management, Staff and Students possess a deep sense of commitment towards caring for the sick and suffering. The Eye Department famous for its high volume, quality cataract surgery is chiefly involved in the development of Community Eye health in collaboration with National and International Organizations. The primary objective is to eliminate the increasing incidence of avoidable blindness due to cataract and other causes.

Mission Statement
To emphasize on the well-being of the whole person; preservation of health and the healing of the sick; and through ministry to the poor and oppressed, and facilitate cooperation with the Creator in His compassionate work of restoration.

Vision Statement
To become a recognized leader in patient care & innovation; and widen the sphere of Christian influence & contact

Our Values

Compassion The compassionate healing ministry of Jesus
Respect Human dignity and individuality
Integrity Absolute integrity in all relationships and dealings
Quality Excellence in clinical service
Stewardship Responsible resource management
Wholeness Address the spiritual, physical & emotional needs
Family Treat each other as members of a caring family

Who are Seventh-day Adventists?

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is one of many Christian denominations. The name comes from the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath and a belief in the second coming (advent) of Jesus. Adventists attend church on Saturday — joining together for worship, fellowship and for Bible study. The Bible is the source of our Christian beliefs. The Adventist Church welcomes all people to their worship services. Formal membership is by baptism by immersion, symbolizing our union with God; the forgiveness of sins, and our desire to enter into a new life. The most important function of the church is to demonstrate the love of God and to proclaim hope for people in a troubled world. Church membership is our way of declaring that we need God and each other if life is to be meaningful. (Ezekiel 36:26; 1 John 4:7; 1 Corinthians 12:14-26)